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Subcommittee Policy

Subcommittee Policy


It is the policy of PSCC that each subcommittee have its own chair and vice chair who promote the activities of that subcommittee and that its members participate in the activities of the subcommittee on a regular basis.


  1. 2.1  Subcommittee Chairs shall be elected by the General Membership at the annual election of officers. The duties are as follows:
    1. Chair subcommittee meetings to discuss planning and implementation of activities, including fundraising and community outreach, related to the affiliated sister city as well as those activities of other subcommittees.
    2. Arrange housing for visiting students and/or interns during their stay.
    3. Report the results from the subcommittee meetings and activities to the Board of Directors and the General Membership.
    4. Keep records of the subcommittee’s activities for the year, including minutes of the meetings and reports about visiting delegations, and turn them over to the next chair and/or post them on the PSCC website.
    5. Prepare annual budget for anticipated subcommittees activities.
    6. Prepare financial reports as needed for subcommittee members and the PSCC treasurer.
  2. 2.2  Subcommittee Vice-Chair shall be selected from the subcommittee members by the subcommittee chair. The duties shall include:
    1. Assisting the Subcommittee Chair with any needed activities.
    2. Act for the Subcommittee Chair at meetings in the absence of the Chair and report to the Executive Committee and the General Membership.
  3. 2.3  Subcommittee Members are members of PCSS, or individuals, that have an interest in the subcommittee, including voting on, and participating in, various subcommittee activities.
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