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Sister City Affiliation Policy

Sister City Affiliation Policy


It is the policy of PSCC that any group wanting to form an affiliation with a foreign city must register first with Sister Cities International and then follow the procedures set forth below.


2.1  There shall be evidence of the desire for a Proposed Affiliation (PA) by both parties including correspondence from the proposed city to the effect of wanting to join with Pasadena as a sister city and an indication of official and/or citizen support for the PA.

2.2  There shall be visits between cities followed by continuous contacts, both unofficial and official.

2.3  Acceptance for the PA shall be indicated by people joining or expressing interest in joining PSCC.

2.4  Strong commitment shall be shown to the development and maintenance of a successful affiliation including corporate and/or cultural support.

2.5  A member of PSCC shall be appointed subcommittee chair and given responsibility for all matters dealing with a PA. This person should be an active member of PSCC. The newly formed subcommittee members shall have:

  1. A clear understanding of sister city relationships and purpose of affiliations (see attached Sister Cities International affiliations policy and procedure statements).
  2. The ability to generate at least ten new members to the PSCC.
  3. Several experienced members who can assist the endeavors of the subcommittee.
  4. Preliminary commitments, where possible, for support in hosting, cultural and business exchanges, fund raising, student exchanges, etc.

2.6  The subcommittee shall take the lead role presenting the PA to the community.

  1. Both parties must bear in mind the SCI ideals of people-to-people associations.
  2. The subcommittee should attempt to gain media coverage to promote the affiliation.

2.7  An “action plan” shall be developed setting forth each step toward a formal presentation for PSCC’s executive committee and general membership, and should include such items as:

  1. Similarities to Pasadena in light of cultural, physical and social aspects of the PA (i.e. size, location, population, educational and cultural facilities, aspects of economy, etc.).
  2. The potential for student and citizen exchanges.
  3. The potential funding sources.

2.8  A formal written report shall then be prepared for the Executive Committee of PSCC.

The report will include:

  1. Items 2.1 through 2.7, as applicable.
  2. Photographs and contact names from the PA.
  3. Any other non-PSCC local support for the PA.
  4. List of all cities reviewed for the PA.

2.9  After the EC has reviewed the report, it shall be distributed to the active general membership with the EC’s recommendation. The distribution will take place 10 days before the general membership meeting date. The general membership will then discuss and vote on the proposed affiliation.

2.10  If the PA is approved by PSCC general membership, the proposal will then be presented to the city council.

2.11  If the PA is adopted, the selected city and Pasadena shall make arrangements for an exchange of official delegations for the purpose of acceptance and signing ceremonies in each city.

  1. These official delegations shall include mayor, council members, city manager, PSCC President, and any other community members who wish to attend.
  2. The new affiliation shall have comparable city officials in their delegation.
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