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Pasadena Sister Cities Hold Student Exchange Night

by Polly Nader in News PCC Courier

Pasadena Sister Cities will hold a student Exchange Night at 7 p.m. tonight at the Pasadena City Hall, City Council Chambers.During Student Exchange Night there will be a number of former exchange students speeches.

“At the meeting will be those that went this past summer and they’ll give a report about their experience and the families they stayed with,” said Fred Alcantar, president of the PSC committee.

“Two students reporting on Japan, one reporting on Finland, and one student from Polytechnic High as part of a group of 12 students, will report as part of a global studies program and part of Sister Cities International,” said Alan Lamson, Student Coordinator of PSC.

A statement from a student who traveled to Germany will also be read.

PSC exchange students can select cities across the globe such as Ludwigshafen, Germany, Mishima, Japan, J„rvenp„„, Finland, Xicheng District, Beijing, China and Vanadzor, Armenia.

Applications for the 2009 program can be found at for interested students.

The deadline to turn applications in is Nov. 28.

“We’re already got several inquiries from PCC students from the Japanese classes that are interested in going to Mishima,” Lamson.

PCC hosts exchange students from Finland, Germany and Japan. The students from Finland and Germany stay for six weeks and take summer courses at PCC. The Japanese students stay for four weeks and take English courses and attend activities at the Asian Pacific Museum. “So it works out really well,” said Alcantar.

Students will have to pay for their travel and personal expenses. Housing and generally breakfast and other meals are provided for each exchange student by a volunteer family. Each student will stay with different families for two weeks during their stay. Transportation and activities are arranged.

“The families who house kids are volunteering and it’s a sense of personal satisfaction for opening your house. We meet with them do a background check and check out their homes. We also tell them what we expect of them and what they should expect,” said Alcantar.

The committee pays for school expenses, including books. Students also receive $50 a week.

According to their website: “Sister Cities International is a non-profit, national organization driven by grassroots citizen volunteers and city officials. Exchange programs provide each country with enormous social and economic benefits and promote greater cross-cultural understanding worldwide.