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Dakar-Plateau – Dakar Subcommittee Goals


Senegal offers a large variety of Art, including jewelry, clothing, basket weaving, and handmade musical instruments. “Underglass” painting is one of the oldest Senegalese arts. Sand painting is one of the most popular. Local raw material (sand of the dune, beach sand, volcano sands, etc) are used to make typical African designs.  Senegalese expressions are viewed through art and sculptures. West African historians, known as Griots, spread the word as storytellers, praise singers, poets, or musicians. Local and visiting Artists and Authors will express our mission through original artworks and literature. African arts will be visual and interactive. Dance and Drum performances & classes will be offered at various places including Pasadena’s Alkebu-lan Cultural Center. Pasadena Sister Cities Senegal Committee will host festivals, music events, fashion shows, street fairs, Artists, Poets, Speakers, etc. 


A Sister City experience is often the first opportunity that youth have traveling abroad. Student activities are tailored to learning African culture, music and food through drawings, stories and artwork. Pasadena area students will have the opportunity to become pen-pals with Senegalese students. Our Youth Ambassador exchange program will offer the experience of being a guest rather than a tourist. Exchanges can be short-term, long-term, or virtual with a window of knowledge and information from dining on Senegalese cuisine, admiring the works of local Artists, Humanitarian issues, Culture, engaging in Music and Dance, and African Diaspora. 


The Diaspora effect is the worldwide collection of communities descended from native Africans or Africa’s peoples, mainly in the America’s. The cause is apparent, but it’s the Effect of the involuntary placement of African people into Pasadena and surrounding areas, that will be discussed. The question will be asked, what does the Effect have on assimilation? 


Senegal is located within the most musical area of the world. Music in Senegal is known as complex drumming that accompanies a rhythmic dance and praise singing. Musical instruments are handmade. The Djembe drum is a hollowed gourd, and the Saber drum is most common. While the Tama drum is known as the “talking” drum. There are also string instruments, the Kora is 21 string and, the Hodu is 4 string. Community events will include authentic African instruments and music. Both youth and Adults will have the opportunity to learn to play or just listen to the African sounds at local Cultural centers and shops.


Speak with one of our Travel Ambassadors, before heading to Senegal. They will be able to provide informative travel tips, and suggestions on where to visit, things to see, and places to eat. As well as sharing information on Entertainment. Learn French before you travel, or even Wolof a language of the Senegal which is the native language of the Wolof people. Enroll at Pasadena City College, to learn just enough for your visit. 


Pasadena and Dakar-Plateau will exchange business and economic ways to improve community lifestyles. Ideas will be shared to create and study human behavior as it relates to spending. They will focus on the production, use and distribution of goods, and the consumer demand for those goods. This union will have a direct impact on housing, food, education, and dignity for both Senegalese and the residents of Pasadena, CA.


The time will come when we will ask you, to Help us, Help our Senegalese Sister City. The Dakar-Plateau, Senegal committee will need monetary relief aid for drinkable water, food, toiletries, school supplies & equipment. Monies will also be used for youth and young adult housing, food and travel expenses. The Pasadena Sister Cities Committee is a grassroots nonprofit organization. As such, we will host fundraiser events to assist in raising the required funds to reach our goals. In advance, we appreciate your time and are grateful for your generosity.

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